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Pastor Mulualem Gilo

Pastor Mulualem Gilo

Senior Pastor at Rehoboth Grace Ethiopian Evangelical Church

            Biography Mulualem Gillo Kaba Married, have two sons, one daughter and three grandchildren.
Spouse name: Debrnesh T. Woldie

Diploma in Plant Science and Technology Addis Ababa University Hwassa Agricultural College, (1983) Ethiopia, Bachelor degree in Theological Studies Vision International University(Correspondence with Grace Theological College)-2009 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Master of Arts in Religion Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary,(2014),Hamilton, MA. Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, (2014), Hamilton, MA, Doctorate in Church planting and Leadership Asbury Theological Seminary, (2018), Willmore, KY Ministry Experiences:. Planted more than 45 local new church in Ethiopia. Organized various mass evangelism (crusades) in different towns in Ethiopia. Co-ordinated more than 75 local churches in Western part of Ethiopia Full Believer churches for8 years (1994-2002)
Full time ordained pastor since 1994.
* Founded Bible School (now grow to college) which currently serving to western part of the country (1997)
* Co-ordinated and lead 234 churches at national level for 5 years in Ethiopia (2002-2007), Attended on short term leadership training—
(a) Pan Africa Institute for development, in Project planning management training methods and skills development course, (October 1991), Kabwe, Zambia,
(b) African Evangelistic Enterprise, in Training of Trainers Workshop (1996), Nairobi, Kenya,
(c) Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia, “Training of Trainers” (1997), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,
(d)Haggai Institute in Leadership (December 2001), Singapore, and etc. Senior pastor at Bethel Full Gospel Believer Church in Addis Ababa for 3 years (2007- 2010)
Currently: - Senior and Lead pastor at Rehoboth Grace Ethiopian Evangelical Church at greater Boston area.
Ministry Gifts: Outreach ministry (witnessing). Preaching and teaching the word of God. Equipping, discipline and training different church ministers as well as leaders. Pastoral Counselling. Vision to reach Habesha immigrant community in US and abroad. 
Currently, Senior Pastor at Rehoboth Grace Ethiopian Evangelical Church in greater
Boston, (Malden, MA)
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ዘመነ ፍፃሜ

የትንቢቶች አፈፃፀምና የቤተክርስቲያን ዝግጅት 

 Dr. Mulualem Gillo Pastor  (Author)

…መጽሐፍ ቅዱሳዊ መሠረቱን ጠብቆ፣ በነገረ ፍጻሜ ላይ የተጻፈው ይህ መጽሐፍ

"ቀኒቱንና ሰዓቲቱን አታውቁምና እንግዲህ ትጉ" ያለውን ጌታ ማስጠንቂቂያ ሙሽሪት

በቅጡ ተረድታ በደጅ ያለውን ሙሽራዋን "ማራናታ!" እያለች ነቅታ እንድትጠብቀው




Dr. Mulualem Gillo Pastor  (Author)

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